December 30, 2010
Story So Far

Deep beneath the BlackBole tree, a necromancer has been working hard to thwart the Woodsinger Elves. No matter how many adventuring parties the elves sent to dipatch this evil, all met defeat, and those that returned alive were mere shallow husks.

Euethere the Drow decided to remain behind, lest old enmities would arise between these ancient races. Orin, Peck, Eko and Malachai went forth to fight this terror. No sooner had victory seemed within their grasp when Orin succumbed to the same wasting madness that befell the elves. It could be that any human mind and spirit, no matter how noble, can withstand the terror beneath the roots.

Facing certain defeat, it was with heavy hearts that the heros were about to turn back when shimmering in one of the teleportaion circles was the figure of Elen, an elven paladin sent from the Woodsingers to assist the party.

With steel and magic, the party went into the inner sanctum of evil to face the monster within. A hulking Glimmerweb Spider, a brace of skeleton guards and the evil undead wizard itself. An epic battle ensued, and the heros came out triumphant, winning not only redemption for one, but a new alliance for all. The Woodsingers will come to the aid of the Harkenwolders when they are needed.

Mission Accomplished!

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